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OISMAK - easy, healthy and delicious recipes from students for students &
the planet

We from OISMAK show you how easy it is to prepare healthy and super delicious recipes in your own kitchen. In a team of six students, we are continuously creating a variety of seasonal Swiss and International classics that are not only a treat for you but also for the planet. We are the first foodblog that discloses not only nutritional values, but also data on carbon emissions!

Our dedicated team pays great attention to create a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan recipes that everyone of you can easily prepare at home. Make your next meal even healthier with our wide selection of basic recipes.

Even if you did not learn how to cook before - our recipes are quicker made than food delivery arrives at your doorstep. Due to the bilingual background of OISMAK you will find recipes both in English and German on our website.

Feel free to contact us any time for further informations, suggestions or wishes. We‘d love to receive your feedback!

OISMAK is a project of oikos, an students association which was born in St. Gallen in 1987. Today, oikos has chapters in renowned universities and business schools all around the world. Oikos advocates for sustainability in business & economics in economic, ecologic and social terms.

Many people have asked us what the name OISMAK actually means. Here is the answer:

OISMAK is composited out of the two terms "OIKOS" and "SMAK". "OIKOS" stands for our mother organisation oikos as mentioned. "SMAK" on the other hand is the Norwegian term for "taste" respectively "Geschmack" in German.

Enjoy & en Guete!

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