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Esteban Linder

Project Head

Pasta is the perfect dish for every occasion. I hope you have fun exploring our recipes! 


Lina Corbaz

Recipes & Social Media

I love cooking and especially baking and that’s why cinnamon rolls are my favourite dish.


Mina Massumi

Recipes & Social Media

My passion for cooking and food allows me to creatively experiment with flavours, textures and presentations while simultaneously bringing people together through the universal language of deliciousness.


Matteo Gamboni

Finance & Wine

Food is my way of exploring different cultures and getting together with others through the joy of cooking side by side.


Evan Kursner

Finance & Wine

Every meal can be a wonderful mixture of tastes and, in the meantime, be sustainable for us and the planet. It’s a double win!” 


Esteban Abid

Marketing & Wine

The more I learn about nutrition the more I’ve come to realize that the most important factor for healthy eating is to avoid processed food and focus on using fresh ingredients.

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