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Lorenz Baumann

Lorenz Baumann

Project Head

Pasta is the perfect dish for every occasion. I hope you have fun exploring our recipes! 

Sofia edited

Sofia Truniger

Social Media Marketing

Every meal can be a wounderful mixture of tastes and in the mean time be sustaible, for us and the planet. It’s a double win!” 

Bridget Reutter_edited.jpg

Bridget Reutter

Social Media Marketing

I love our simple pesto recipes because it allows me to get creative in the kitchen by repurposing the sauce for breakfast, lunch, or dinner meals!

jiajun edit

Jia Jun Zhang

Sponsorship Team Member

The more I learn about nutrition the more I’ve come to realize that the most important factor for healthy eating is to avoid processed food and focus on using fresh ingredients.

Valeriia edited

Valeriia Isakova

Events Team Member

In my spare time I enjoy sharing food with my friends and hosting dinner! I am vegetarian personally, however, after joining the project it got even easier to calculate my input in the environment as well as get inspiration from my teammates!

sina edited

Sina Broder

Social Media Marketing

I love cooking and especially baking and that’s why cinnamon rolls are my favourite dish.

Johanna About Us picture .jpeg

Johanna Degrave 

Head of Sponsorship

5 reasons why I love to cook: 

  1. it's fun 

  2. it's delicious 

  3. it makes your body work 

  4. it warms your heart 

  5. Crispy Korean Tofu, everyone should try it, there is no going back.


Esteban Linder

Social Media Marketing

I like to try all kind of new experiments in my kitchen. It may not work every time but I always learn something !

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