Kristina Heilinger

Project Head

Welcome to OISMAK!

My favorite recipe is our Gnocchi with Kale & Sage ... try it with a homemade pesto!

Lucina Tapia-Peñas

Website Management

Let's add a bit of spice to our lives! Überrasch deine Gäste mit einem etwas anderem Snack...

Emilie Claussen

Recipe Creator

Butternut squash is the perfect ingredient to cook on cold and rainy days!

Anne Rümmler

Recipe Creator

Hi! Any suggestions & comments for future recipes? Here comes my personal recommendation:

Raffaella Gsell


When I'm not working for uni or riding, you will find me in the kitchen experimenting for OISMAK!

Stephanie Balun

Social Media Marketing

Mein Motto?

Immer der Nase nach! 

Anabelle Ginez

Social Media Marketing

I love cookies, brownies and pastries!

Do not hesitate to contact us!