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Tofu & Kale Salad

Aktualisiert: 18. März 2022

If you don't know how to cook tofu and you want to cook a simple and quick dish, this is the right recipe for you. It's fast to make and satiating. Additionally, it's perfect for summer season when we all want to start eating greens and fresh veggies.

Season: autumn/winter

Preparing time: -

Overall time: 20 min.

Kitchentools: -


  • 200 g tofu

  • 150 g kale

  • 1 tbs sesami oil

  • 2-3 soy sauce

  • tbs soy sauce

  • 1 tbs sesam seeds


  1. Cut the tofu in small cubes.

  2. Wash the kale and chop into medium size leaves.

  3. Heat a non stick pan and when it's hot, add the tofu and the sesam seeds. When the tofu starts to fry and become of a golden color, add the kale (which should be still wet from washing it). When the kale starts cooking and diminishing its size, add the soy sauce.

  4. Cook until you obtain the desired consistency.

Nutritional values per serving: 85 kcal | 6g fat | 6g protein | 0g carbs

CO2 emissions per portion: 96g

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